Certified Environmental Specialist

On February 1st 2010 the Obama Administration proposed a $10billion budget for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop new environmental programs aimed at protecting the nation’s environmental resources and creating new jobs. As this greening of the economy continues with green jobs already seeing a 9% increase in the last ten years now is the time to enter this fast growing job sector.

Environmental Specialists protect and preserve the environment and human health. Environmental problems include drinking and surface water quality, solid and hazardous waste storage and disposal, indoor and outdoor air quality, radiological health, occupational health, systems ecology (interrelationship of organisms and their environments ), and sanitary hygiene.

Environmental Specialists at the technician level collect and research hazardous samples, record data, prepare reports, maintain monitoring gear, and provide supportive services to environmental engineers and scientific professionals. Environmental Specialists base their decisions on concrete proof gathered under strict standards. Environmental Specialists may be utilized to air and industrial hygiene, radiological health, environmental chemistry and biology, environmental management, environmental technicians, environmental public relations, environmental health, environmental landscaping, wastewater, surface and drinking water resources, food protection, or similar fields.
Demand for this type of work includes state environmental regulatory and public health agencies, industry, utilities, environmental engineering consulting firms, and universities with job growth seen nationally at a higher rate than most industries. Get started on your way to becoming a Certified Environmental Specialist today with our comprehensive program.

Certified Environmental Specialist

24 Hour Online Course

Become a certified environmental specialist. Class covers EPA regulations and acts such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water act and will go into detail about many more.  
Class topics include:

  • Types of hazardous waste as defined by the RCRA.
  • History and regulations of the RCRA.
  • How to comply and manage hazardous waste systems.
  • Major EPA laws and regulation updates.
  • Apply features of the Clean Water Act, and identify requirements.
  • Management issues relation to Storm Water Discharges.
  • The requirements of your SPCC plan

This class comprises of the following classes:

  • Certified Environmental Specialist - The Clean Air Act (M1)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - RCRA - What the Law Requires (M2)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - RCRA - Day to Day Ops (M3)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - Identifying Hazardous Wastes (M4)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - EPCRA (M5)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - The Clean Water Act (CWA) (M6)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - Clean Water Act - Statutory Provisions (M7)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - Storm Water Discharge and Permits (M8)
  • Certified Environmental Specialist - Spill Prevention & Release Reporting